Intergenerational connection report launched

Today the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Social Integration launches its inquiry into intergenerational connection. To mark the launch, the group is publishing a collection of essays,’Ages Apart? Ties and Divides Across the Generations. The collection includes contributions from pollsters, policy thinkers and practitioners ‘ capturing’ the views and insights of experts on various dimensions of intergenerational relations. The collection also includes a foreword by chair of the APPG, Chuka Umunna MP.

Through this inquiry, the group is aiming to explore: the degree to which people of different generations in the UK share the same social and political values and understand one another’s views and perspectives; the extent to which people of different age groups engage meaningfully with one another in their neighbourhoods and social lives; and how this affects our political debate as well as levels of trust within our communities.

The full list of contributors is as follows.

  • Bobby Duffy, Global Director, Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute
  • Emma Jenkins, Head of HeadStart, The Challenge
  • Caroline Macfarland, Director, Common Vision (CoVi)
  • Paul McGarry, Head, Greater Manchester Ageing Hub
  • David Robinson OBE, Founder of Community Links & Practitioner in Residence, LSE Marshall Institute
  • Ralph Scott, Research Manager, The Challenge
  • Alex Smith, CEO and founder, North London Cares, South London Cares and Manchester Cares
  • David Williams, CEO, St Monica Trust & Maia Beresford, Policy & Communications Manager, Associated Retirement Community Operators

You can read the essay collection here.