Response to the Casey Review

Chuka Umunna MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration, commenting on The Casey Review, said:

‘The fact people live parallel lives in modern Britain has been swept under the carpet for far too long and deemed too difficult to deal with, which has left a vacuum for extremists and peddlers of hate on all sides to exploit. ‘So I welcome this very important report which highlights how a lack of integration adversely impacts on us all, whatever your background.

‘A lack of integration deprives people of jobs and opportunities, increases isolation, ill health and anxiety.’ Above all, it is sapping our communities of trust at a time when, in an uncertain and changing world, it is all too easy to blame ‘the other’ for all our problems.

‘Tackling segregation and increasing integration is not about attributing blame and attacking immigrants, be they recent arrivals or those who arrived decades ago. ‘Too often efforts to achieve greater integration are immediately attacked, wrongly, as a rejection of multicultural Britain when breaking down the barriers between communities is the best defence of the diverse country we have become.’